ECG MK-1206A

mk 1206a

ECG MK-1206A

6 Channel ECG & 7″ Touchscreen


    • 12 Leads simultaneous acquisition and display on the ECG screen
    • 7 inch touch-screen LCD, 800*480 pixels, support input of patient name, gender, age and hospital name by soft keyboard
    • 6 channel printout on 110mm thermal paper
    • Manual/ Auto mode/ Arrhythmia analysis, auto interpretation results.
    • Built-in rechargeable Li-poly battery with 2 hours continuous printing
    • Built-in memory for 200 reports
    • IMAGE FREEZE for review and hardcopy of the required signals
    • Digital filters elimination of muscles tremors and base line wandering
    • Built-in RS232/ USB interface



12 Leads, Standard or Cabrera, 12 leads simultaneously acquisition

Input Circuit

Floating, Defibrillation protection

LCD Display

800*480 7inch touchscreen LCD display ECG waveform, operation conditions, Time, Heart-rate, etc, support input of patient name, Age, Gender and Hospital name.


IEC class I, type CF

Sampling rate

8000 samples/ Sec

Input Dynamics


Operation Mode

Automatic, manual, single channel 60s cimpressed record, Rhythm analysis (R-R histogram and trend chart)


AC (50Hz or 60Hz, -20dB)

EMG (25Hz/ 35Hz/ 45Hz/ 75Hz/ 100Hz, -3dB)

Drift (0.5Hz, -3dB)


100dB (with AC filter)

Input Circuit Current


Input Impedance


Time Constant


Frequency Response

0.05-150Hz, -3dB

Noise Level



1.25; 2.5; 5; 10; 20; 40mm/mV ± 2%

Calibration Voltage

1mV ± 2%

Patient Current Leakage



Protect from defibrillation and pace-making

Printing System

Thermal printer, ≥8dot/mm (Vertical), ≥40dot/mm (Horizontal), printing speed at 25mm/s

Printing Speed

5; 6.25; 10; 12.5; 25; 50mm/s ± 3%

Printing Output

3 channel; 3+1 channel; 6 channel; 6+1 channel

Paper Size

110mm*20m roll type

Patient Cable

standard 10 core

Report Storage

250 reports in built-in memory

report presentation, review and re-printing


Lead-off detection

Power Supply

11.1V 1800mA Li-poly rechargeable battery pack (DC)

220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 2%, 75VA (AC)

Fuse Specification

2φ5x20mm    3.15A 250V

Machine Dimension


Machine Weight

2.25kg (machine only)