ECG MK-1212A

mk 1212a

ECG MK-1212A

12 Channel ECG & 10″ Touchscreen


    • 12 Leads simultaneous acquisition and display on the ECG screen
    • 10inch touch-screen LCD, 1024*600 pixels, support input of patient name, gender, age and hospital name by touchscreen keyboard
    • 12 channel printout on 216mm thermal paper
    • Manual/ Auto mode/ Arrhythmia analysis, auto interpretation results.
    • Built-in rechargeable Li-poly battery with 2 hours continuous printing
    • Built-in memory for 200 reports
    • IMAGE FREEZE for review and hardcopy of the requires signals
    • Digital filters elimination of muscles tremors and base line wandering
    • Built-in RS232/ USB interface


LCD Display

Backlit high resolution 1024 x 600 10inch touchscreen display 12 channel ECG waveform simultaneously, Time, Heart-rate, etc, support input of patient name, Age, Gender and Hospital name.


IEC, Class I, type CF


12 Standard or Cabrera leads

Input circuit

Floating, Defibrillation protection

Patient Current Leakage


Input Circuit Current




Noise Level


Calibration Voltage

1mV ± 2%

Print Channels

12 channels, Rhythem lead selectable

Printing Output

3+3 channel; 6 channel; 6+1 channel; 12 channel; 12+1 channel

Operation Mode

Automatic, manual, single channel 60s compressed record, Rhythm analysis (R-R histogram and trend chart)

Thermal Paper

216mm*20m thermal paper in rolls

Printing Speed

5; 6.25; 10; 12.5; 25; 50mm/s ± 3%

Printing System

Thermal Printer, ≥8dot/mm (Vertical), ≥40dot/mm (Horizontal), printing speed at 25mm/s

Recording Sensitivity

1.25; 2.5; 5; 10; 20; 40mm/mV ± 2%

Input Dynamics


Input Impedance


Power Supply

200V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 2%, 75VA

14.8V 4400mA Li-poly rechargeable battery pack (DC)

Frequency Response

0.05 to 150 Hz

Time Constant


Data Acquisition

12bits; 8000 samples/ sec when printing, filtering and computing

Fuse Specification

Φ5x20mm   3.15A 250V

Patient Cable

Standard 10 core

Report Storage

200 reports in built-in memory

report presentation, review and re-printing


Lead-off detection


Muscle Filter (25Hz/35Hz/45Hz/75Hz/100Hz, -3dB)

AC Filter (50Hz or 60 Hz, -20dB)

Drift Filter (0.5Hz, -3dB)

Machine Weight

3.9kg (machine only)