TR 200 & TR 300

tr200b 300a (fix)

Normal Frequency Stationary X-ray Machine.

TR200B & TR300A


The product is used in medical department as general Radiographic, filter Radiographic and vertical filter Radiographic.


  • Whole body can do multi angle photography, easy to operate, kV, mA, s can be subsection, grading and interloking protection.
  • Equipped with mA, kV and s interlocking protecting device of subsections and grades.
  • Equipped with the protection device of X-ray Filament manostat, space charge compensation and anode strat.
  • Transverse moving of upright post, lengthways moving of arm rotation of X-ray tube unit are all equipped with electromagnetism braking device.
  • Diagnostic bed, which is equipped with electromagnetism braking device, can move not only transversely but also lengthwise.

Main Technical Parameter

TR 200B

TR 300A

50 ~ 100kV being adjustable continuously

50 ~ 125kV  being adjustable continuously

Small focus 50mA, Big focus 50, 100, 150, 200mA

Small focus 50mA, Big focus 100, 200, 300mA


0.1 ~ 6.3s, 19 grades together grading according to R10 coefficient

Power Supply

380V/ 220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz

High-voltage generator
20kVA (instantancous)

30kVA (instantancous)

(Output Voltage)


(Output Current)


X-ray Tube
XD51-20, 40/100

XD51-20, 40/125


Small focus: 1.0 x 1.0 mm², Big focus: 2.0 x 2.0mm²

Radiographic Table

Size: 2000 x 730 x 700mm

Longitudinal moving: 860mm, Horizontal moving: 200mm

Max. Cassette for radiography

432 x 432 (mm) (17′ x 17′)