As the leader of detector solutions in the world, we offer a user-oriented product that equips high-image quality, lightweight design, hot swap battery, and innovative Wi-Fi antenna design to enhance work efficiency.

Features : 

  • Transfer in a flash

INCX detectors feature a specialized antenna design maximizing the bandwidth that 802.11ac allows, which results in raw image transfer speeds within two seconds. This design also increases signal strength allowing the systems to be used anytime, anywhere.

  • Smart design for Hot swap and seizing image in time

INCX wireless detectors feature an internal battery system that allows for the “hot swap” of the external battery. This avoids long re-initialization times and effectively improves technologist’s efficiency and ease of use.

  • Featherweight design

To enhance the mobility, the whole device weighs only 3.2kg including the battery, making it effortless to carry around.

  • Easy cleaning

The detector is IPX6-rated for fluid infiltration, allowing user to clean it easily.

  • Self management and monitoring

All detectors are equipped with an array of sensors, such as temperature, gravity (and many more). These operate even while the panel is powered off to ensure that the detector is functioning properly and safe to use by the staff.

  • Remarkable long-lasting feature

INCX batteries yield over 8 hours of operating time while capturing more than 1,000 images every 30 seconds sequentially without interruption.

  • Access point mode

INCX wireless system has the capability to operate in access mode, when the environment calls for a direct sensor to computer wireless connection.

Specification V17C